In New York, housing court may at first seem a simple, yet time-consuming, process, like paying a parking ticket or taking a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, be you either a tenant or Landlord, when faced with the prospect of defending or commencing a suit in housing court, the process becomes more difficult. One little problem and you could be spending months or even, in some circumstances, over a year to complete this process. 

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Types of Housing Court Proceedings:

  • Holdover Action: This is a housing court action where the landlord is seeking to recover possession of their property. For further information, click here

  • Non-Payment ProceedingThis is a housing court action where the landlord chooses to the sue the tenant for back rent while a lease is in effect. For further information, click here. 

  • Other Types of Housing Court Actions:

    • HP Action

    • Illegal Lockout

    • Harassment 

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